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GSR Membership is open to ALL Corvette enthusiasts. Grand Sport ownership is not required. Join today!

About Us

HISTORY: The Offficial Grand Sport Owners Registry (GSR) was founded in 1996 by Jim Van Dorn, owner of then California-based Auto Masters now located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Jim was personally and deeply involved in the Corvette Pirate Racing program, so he was immediately drawn to high performance and limited edition Corvettes such as the fourth generation ZR-1 and shortly thereafter, the Grand Sport.

Then as now, the original mission of the Grand Sport Owners Registry was to help owners and enthusiasts get more enjoyment out of these very special Corvettes by sharing information. Through online Forums, correspondence with Corvette clubs, participation in Corvette events, and the National Corvette Museum, the word spread quickly that a new, very active and passionate group of Corvette enthusiasts were now on the scene... the GSR.

While the obvious focus has always been on production line Grand Sport Corvettes, the GSR has always recognized the historical signficance of the original Grand Sports which Zora Arkus Duntov secretly developed in the early 60's. The 1996 limited edition models (and now the C6 versions) are honored to wear the Grand Sport badge made famous from those early racing exploits. In the GSR, we don't take those "Hashmarks" lightly!

Due to the growing demands of his business, VanDorn recognized he did not have adequate time to devote to the GSR since it was growing at such a rapid pace. So in 1998 he reluctantly handed over the reigns to John "Hutch" Hutchinson of Orlando, Florida, with the mission to legitimize and revitalize the GSR and attempt to grow it into a nationwide enthusiast organization which all Corvette owners could be proud of. Based on the wide white stripe running down the center of the '96 Grand Sports, Hutch quickly earned the nickname of "Skunkmaster" (go figure) and with the help and saintly patience of his wife and best friend, Patti, the rest as they say, is history.

TODAY: Since those early days the Grand Sport Registry has grown to a sizable mature organization with an ever expanding list of members stretching across the country and as far away as Europe and Australia. We have tracked down ownership and vehicle information on over 90% of all 1,000 1996 Grand Sports and have verified the RPO option data on every single car. With the introduction of the C6 Grand Sport in 2010, the GSR has greatly expanded its reach and is now collecting information and details on these amazing, world class Corvettes. The GSR is the only Grand Sport enthusiast organization licensed by General Motors to use its trademarks for the purpose of expanding interest in the marque and helping its members get more enjoyment out of their Corvette ownership.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership in the Grand Sport Registry is open to owners of 2010 and newer Grand Sport Corvettes, the limited edition 1996 Grand Sport Corvettes, regular production LT4s, 1963 GS replicas, and for that matter, all Corvette enthusiasts. Grand Sport ownership is certainly encouraged but is not required to join in the fun. Certain GM Engineers, Corvette notables and celebrities, plus the owners of the five original 1963 Grand Sports are recognized as Honorary Lifetime Members.

NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM: Thanks to the dedication and generosity of its members, the GSR is also a proud Lifetime Business Member of the National Corvette Museum and we gladly support that fine 501c(3) organization that does so much for us and all other Corvette owners worldwide.

The GSR frequently conducts member supported fund raisers for the NCM and encourages all its members to become Museum members, as well. Be a part!
But like that old song goes, "We've only just begun." Hope you'll stick around for the ride as it is bound to be a lot of fun. So come on... be a "Stinker" and join the GSR today!

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